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No touching- yet.

While we're busy creating access materials for everyone to play with, we thought we'd share a bit more about how the 3d prints are created. Once the basic block has been made, each print is hand finished to add texture and details that can be read by touch.

3d textured print of the cover image for Tales in Sombre Tones

This is the full size 3d print about finished. It's 12" wide by 18" high, the same as the original illustrations - for our first one we chose the cover image 'Hunted'.

Deatil of the new 3d textured print for Tales in Sombre Tones showing smooth areas over a textured background, representing clouds.

Starting at the top of the image, the sky has a slight texture similar to watercolour paper. The clouds that were raised further than the rest to put them in the foreground were sanded to give them a smoother feel so there's a contrast between that and the 'dark' areas.

Detail shot of 3d print for Tales in Sombre Tones showing the Barghest, a hell hound

Then we have the main focus of the image (and the story), the barghest. A great black hellhound, he appears and disappears. In the original drawing this was described by having the background show through. For 3d, we sank the hound back into the grass behind him and added a subtle version of the grass texture to him.

Detail shot of 3d print showing a shiny area with a rough stone texture in the background

Here we have a section of the steps with a stone texture added and part of a metal post, we painted that with enamel so it is cool and smooth to the touch.

Stone textured steps in 3d

To the right of the steps is a large shadowed area with stone cobbles, this was covered with a fine plaster type mix that has a slight grainy quality but smoother than the sandy steps.

By using similar rules on the other 3d we aim to make the prints easier to read by touch, so there are common features for certain things. and in general, the areas in the foreground in the drawings are raised up and have the most textural contrast. Where possible we are recreating the real feel of objects and surfaces.


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