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New year, new project!

The vampire rabbit of Newcastle in pop up form

We are so very excited to introduce our first new project of 2024! Starting as we mean to go on with a new years day launch, we are creating a series of multi sensory artworks, our 'Story Bocs', to fund a magical travelling mini library.

Our Bijou Bocs, containing a short story and illuminated diorama.

Each of the book shaped boxes contains a unique combination of visual and storytelling elements with a range of special effects. Some things move, some light up, others make sounds - so we even have ones that read to you :)

The Grand Box, this one has a scrolling screen that winds on with the story

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund this stage, at the end of which we will be putting on an exhibition in Newcastle. The profit will be used to create our special travelling library which will tour venues around the UK, raising awareness of our work and, with a special community shelf, encouraging visitors to exchange stories of their own.

We are immensely grateful for any and all support - if you can't chip in financially right now, we'd love a share on social media, every little really does help.


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