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Furniture and fine art, our journey to 3d.

Introducing the second of our project collaborators - the lovely and very talented Jan Lennon.

Jan is a 3D artist with over ten years experience working in television and advertising for clients such as Sky TV, ITV, BBC, Rolls Royce, Jaguar Landrover, Aston Martin, Maserati, John Makepeace Furniture and many more. She also trained as an Industrial Designer and as a Fine Furniture Maker, she also works designing and making bespoke handmade furniture from her workshop in Somerset. She recently took part in the Craft Council UK's Hothouse programme which handpicks and mentors new craft business which it judges as the "ones to watch" in the sector.

A piece of furniture made by Jan Lennon

For Tales in Sombre Tones, Jan is doing all the technical wizardry necessary to turn the 2d illustrations into a file suitable for the 3d printers. This is a complicated process as to get the physical prints to translate properly, some areas need to be raised up or dropped back accordingly so it follows the physical rules of the world around us. We start by using the light areas, the highlights as our 'top' points and take it from there. Jan has been an absolute star throughout, not least for agreeing to work with a very traditional 2d artist with all the technical capability of a house brick :) Thanks Jan!


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