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Welcome to Tales in Sombre Tones

What are we: Tales in Sombre Tones is a Community Interest Corporation (CIC) with the goal of bringing accessible stories and artwork to the public.
What are we doing: Setting up shows complete with editions of the stories in braille, in audio, and in print. Along with that, the artwork will be in print and 3D printed formats, allowing guests to touch the artwork for themselves.

Charcoal illustration of the base of the 199 steps in Whitby, UK. The moon is obscured by clouds and The Barghest, a large wolf-like creature, is climbing the steps.


Original illustrations

Sean Walter in a top hat reads a story in front of a projection of a woman doing a British Sign Language interpretation of the story.


Readings with bsl sign language

A digital cover mock-up of the book Tales in Sombre Tones


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