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Story Bocs is a new project, in which we are creating a series of book shaped boxes, each with Something inside. Our ultimate goal is to provide a touring library of bocs, offering multi sensory art and stories, that will visit community venues across the UK to raise awareness of our work and bring a bit of joy to everyone for free. Especially those traditionally left out of such glorious nonsense. At the moment we are fundraising for this - we have been blessed with some local authority funding to do some workshops in Karen's home town of Newcastle - we will be inviting participants to add to a community shelf, and there's a live Kickstarter on the go! 

vamp bun box .JPG


Our middle sized Story Bocs, featuring an old school pop-up story about Newcastle's famous Vampire Rabbit!

We will be bringing you more on this project very soon, as always subscribe for more updates or follow us on Facebook.

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