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Welcome to the latest addition to our accessible arts project. With some help from designer Jan Lennon we are transforming the original charcoal illustrations from the book into tactile 3d printed versions. Designed to be experienced by touch, they are accompanied by an audio guide and large print so our blind and visually impaired visitors can enjoy the artwork too. 

The 3d prints are made using PLA filament, which is actually a vegetable based plastic, so completely renewable and biodegradable. They are sturdy and easy to clean - PLA is washable and can be used with alcohol based sanitiser ( these and alcohol wipes are being provided with prints for customer use before and after handling). Being able to easily clean the prints is important not only for hygiene purposes but also to keep them dust free and looking good as the day they were made so each print will last for years.

We have chosen to have the prints created in a white filament so that when lit from an angle that compliments the highlights in the original illustrations, they cast dramatic shadows adding visual appeal for those able to appreciate them that way too. These prints bring audiences together as they can be enjoyed by everyone in a way that more delicate works such as the original charcoal drawings cannot, as they have to be presented behind glass. 

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